Makini Smith is an international speaker gracing platforms in Canada, the United States and Africa with her transparent storytelling of real life testimonies. Her authenticity and relatable message empowers women to walk boldly with their head held high. She encourages the audience to overcome self-limiting thoughts of doubt and fear by cultivating confidence and courage through faith. Helping them to ultimately reach their goals through her message of belief and infinite potential given to us by God.

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Self- Love/ Self-Image

Confidence plays an extremely important role in our success in our personal/business lives.

Getting Through Adversity

Resilience is not avoiding life’s issues but facing them head on and bouncing back from them quickly.


Be genuine, authentic, and unashamed. Own who you were created to be.

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Using real life experiences and Godly principles to help you live the life you truly deserve.

How to Walk in Greatness Workshop

A virtual mentorship program for women who would like to walk purposefully, powerfully and passionately in their lives.

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Thinking Into Results is an exceptionally designed program to ensure that you begin thinking and taking action at a higher level of awareness which will manifest as improved results in every area of your life, both personal and professional.”

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Not sure about the next steps for your life, your brand, or your personal relationships? I’m here to help.

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"Makini Smith was a compelling speaker who told her story straight from the heart. She captured the audience with her integrity, strive for excellence and a strong belief that through hard work and dedication every goal you set can be achieved. She embodies everything that we stand for here at Massey, she really is a Shero and we very much enjoyed having her speak to our young mothers. The girls talked for days about the impact she had on them and how much they want to come back and speak to an audience in the years to come about how they managed to overcome their very own struggles. It was an absolute pleasure and the effect she had on all of us is truly remarkable."
Rebecca Caunter, CYW
Community Worker / Massey Centre
"Recently I had the pleasure of listening to Makini Smith share her personal story about her hardships and her triumphs. It was such an inspiration for me to hear a single mom like myself, speak about her journey so far and being able to overcome her trials and become successful. Having been through some similar experiences, her story made me feel that I’m not alone or the only one that has had to deal with pain and struggles in life. Makini reaffirmed for me that with strength, determination and prayer I can accomplish my goals including having joy, peace and happiness within me on a daily basis. After hearing such a powerful story and reading her book “A Walk in my Stilettos” I feel much stronger and realized that I’m blessed and should be proud of myself for getting through my own battles. I now feel more confident and excited going forward with the decisions I’m making now in my life and not afraid to conquer my fears. Her wisdom and advice has helped push me to go ahead and live the best life for me and my children."
Michelle Allen
Participant / Moms Arise!

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