In 2012 I lost my Sister tragically…she was only 39 years old at the time. She didn’t get to live out her full purpose on this earth. She was a source of inspiration & motivation for many but this was unknown to me, until after she died.
Losing her was the start of my journey to rediscovering self and the legacy I wanted to leave behind. I did the personal development work to heal & found my purpose to help others do the same. My vision is to use the gifts and platform that’s been given to Me to reach hurting Women across the globe.

I am a best selling published Author of ‘A Walk in My Stilettos’, Motivational speaker, and international Mentor.
I help to educate and empower women to cultivate their courage through faith, to overcome adversities so they can live the lives they desire. Sharing my personal journey of pain & healing with women worldwide and giving them the permission to heal themselves.

After meeting & connecting with world renowned Speaker & best selling Author Bob Proctor (Featured in the film “The Secret”), my paradigm has shifted to the power of dreaming big and overcoming my fears to pursue my passions & aspirations in life.

We have unlimited potential and I am determined to use mine in service to others.

My dream is to translate my internationally published book (which has helped thousands of women) into a feature film, creating a wider platform to inspire & motivate women on how to overcome adversity with grace.

Partnering with the greatest storyteller in Toronto, international award winning Playwright and Filmmaker, Cheryl Nembhard, I have tremendous confidence in the success & impact this film will have worldwide.

As a tribute to all women that are hurting, as a tribute to my Sister, I am asking you to walk by faith with Me: Invest, sow a seed, partner with us to help heal women who have gone through or are going through crisis.

Whatever your comfort level, we ask you to donate and join the movement of encouraging every woman to walk boldly in her own shoes….to own her truth and share it to inspire others.

Please consider any one of the reward levels and link arms with us to make this Vision a reality. Together, we will launch a Movement!

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